Lentil Sprouts

These sprouts are crisp and have a similar flavour to fresh, green beans.

A plant of the legume family, grown mainly for its seed, has been part of the human diet since the first Neolithic crops were domesticated in the Near East.

Combine lentils in a meal with corn, wheat or rice and they will provide better protein utilisation.

Lentil-stuffed Baked Potato

1 serving75g lentil sprouts
2 dessertspoons of sour cream
3 heaped tablespoons of salsa

Microwave or oven back potatoes whole. When cooked cut in half and spoon out the middle. Mix the sour cream, salsa and lentils thoroughly and spoon mixture into a potato shell. Serve cold or heated, as is or topped with chive or onion sprouts. Alternatively sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

A delicious cold (or warm) salad can be made by combining lentils with cut-up baked potato, thin-sliced red onion and choice of dressing.