Sprout Facts

You can serve sprouts in a huge variety of ways:

  • Add to tossed salads (all sprouts)
  • Use in coleslaw (radish , alfalfa , snow pea )
  • Try in potato salad (mung bean, onion, chive)
  • Try in wraps and roll-ups (alfalfa, radish)
  • Stir-fry with other vegetables (alfalfa, radish, mung bean)
  • Blend with vegetable juices (mung bean, alfalfa )
  • Replace celery in sandwich spreads ( onion, chive , garlic, radish , snowpea)
  • Mix with soft cheeses for a dip (mung bean, radish , onion, chive, garlic, )
  • Grind up and use in sandwich spreads ( onion, chive, garlic,  radish)
  • Top grilled cheese sandwiches (alfalfa, onion, chive, garlic, radish)
  • Stir into soups or stews when serving (mung bean,)
  • Top omelet or scrambled eggs (alfalfa, radish)
  • Combine in rice dishes ( onion, chive, garlic, mung bean , snow pea )
  • Add to sushi (radish, alfalfa )
  • Saute with onions (mung bean, radish)
  • Puree with peas or beans (mung bean)
  • Steam and serve with butter (mung bean)
  • Use in sandwiches instead of lettuce (alfalfa, onion, chive, garlic, snow pea, radish)



The ideal sprout should reflect the appearance of being white, crisp, shiny and with the outer brown husk removed. Healthy Sprout goes the extra mile to ensure each product has an excellent shelf life through a comprehensive washing regime of the sprout to remove the majority of the brown outer husk, giving the sprout its clean fresh appearance.